Help! I need a Psychology assembly urgently

Imagine the situation: the Deputy Head walks into the staffroom and announces they urgently need someone to cover an assembly at the last minute.  Here’s how you can step in with something ready to go and earn all the brownie points.

  • 10 myths about Psychology –
    • We learn more effectively when taught via our preferred “learning style”
    • Human memory is like a recording of what happened
    • Violent offenders usually have a diagnosis of mental illness
    • Crowds turn people stupid and dangerous
    • Autism is caused by “broken” mirror neurons (and numerous other autism myths)
    • Vision depends on signals emitted from the eyes
    • The Stanford Prison Experiment shows how the wrong situation can turn anyone bad
    • The overwhelming majority of acts of domestic violence are committed by men
    • Neurolinguistic Programming is scientific
    • Mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain

Depending on how long your school assemblies are, this is probably too much material – you may also want to focus on one or two of these myths in more depth depending on your audience and your own preferences.  In my last school, assemblies were 15 minutes long and with my presenting style I would probably be able to get through about 5-8 of these, or 5 plus one in depth.


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